A Worm Fanfic

I was still just a girl sitting on a rooftop, shivering in a costume, soaked by rain.

Fault is an in-progress story set in the universe of Worm, about three girls, each blessed and cursed with superhuman powers, struggling to survive amongst a city ready to explode.

The setting is Earth Bet, in the city of Denver. A city packed to the gills with refugees fleeing villain-infested towns and Endbringer-ravaged cities. Crime runs rampant, with entire neighborhoods abandoned to criminal interests by the authorities.

An idealistic leader faced with the hopelessness of reality, a vigilante burdened with revenge and anger towards a system that failed her, a villain by neccessity struggling to save what little she has left. Three girls whose fates are linked together, and whose choices will mean the difference between survival and death.

Fault updates every Sunday, with occasional breaks. Links to the text are given in the navbar above, in several formats.

Special thanks to frustratedFreeboota, PitaEnigma, and Sky on the Spacebattles forums for editing help. The fantastic babylonsheep has kindly done all of the art and drawings for Fault.