Hi, I'm Keira. I do stuff.

I'm a wannabe author and wannabe programmer and wannabe photographer stuck in a job doing none of those things. Truly the bastion of success. This is my shitty website because all nerds have to have a useless webpage nobody ever looks at, right?


Denver, Colorado. The year is 2010, and the city is a powder keg ready to blow. Three young parahumans struggle to survive even as everything threatens to tear them down. Co-written with my best friend Zoe.

Links, cast, artwork, and other information for Fault is available at its webpage.

If Found Call Beacon

A young Huntress chases after a lost dog, takes a wrong turn, and ends up in a city called Brockton Bay.

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Diary of a Professional Knockoff

Hi. I'm Sara. You probably haven't heard of me, but I guarantee you've heard of my work before, at least if you've been around the Portland cape fandom! This, well... it's my autobiography, in a way. I used to write cape fanfiction, but it's a bit narcissistic now.

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The Voice Inside My Head

A lonely scribe, hiding from the responsibilities of her past, stumbles upon a curse.

The Voice Inside My Head is currently being rewritten because it sucks. I'll have a link up eventually!